Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Hero's Tree

Our Heroes' Tree

It is almost time again for Our Heroes' Tree !Nov. 11-Dec.

Honoring and Supporting Veterans

The United States has a long tradition of patriotism. As citizens, we honor the service, commitment, and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice of the men and women who serve our country. Our Heroes’ Tree is an opportunity for our community to recognize the significance of the selfless service of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who have served our nation in and times of peace and conflict. The Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University and Wabash Carnegie Public Library invites you to join us for the second annual Our Heroes’ Tree. Our Heroes’ Tree is a national initiative founded by Marlene Lee and Stephanie Pickup to recognize and honor the sacrifices made by the families of current service members, veterans, and deceased service members.

How You Can Get Involved:

1. Create a handmade ornament honoring a service member in your family or community from a past or present war or military conflict. You can use one of our templates if you wish. (available at the library circulation desks)2. Bring the ornament to Wabash Carnegie Public Library this holiday season where it will be placed on a tree that will be on display on the second floor.

I want to thank Polly Howell for putting this together.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Couple of Updates

There a couple of items I wanted to update patrons on:

First, the plan for the parking lot is proceeding. It is anticipated that the library will be meeting with local authorities in the coming month to seek approval of the plans for the parking area.

Second, the library is very close to launching its new web site. Work has continued through the Fall and anticipate it to up and running by the end of the year.

As with a lot of things, the library is working hard to advance in various areas in order to maintain high services for our customers.

Thank you for continuing support and patronage of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library.

Ware W. Wimberly III

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Congratulations to North Manchester Public Library/Importance of libraries

I want to take a moment to congratulate North Manchester Public Library on receiving an America's Star Library designation of 3 stars. All the libraries whether public or academic in Wabash County strive to do its best to serve our patrons and community exceptionally. I also want to thank the Plain Dealer for pointing out the positive impact both economically and culturally that libraries have in a community. In a time when the ecomony is not the best and high unemployment, public libraries are a vital particularly to technology needs of everyday life.

I may be bias, but I believe Wabash County has very good libraries. It is nice to see one recognized (wouldn't mind it being the Wabash library too) and the importance of libraries to be recognized!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suggestion Box

Next week, there will be an added feature at the Circulation Desk. It will be a small suggestion box that will be for patrons to write down questions, make constructive comments, or provide suggestions on how the can serve better. The sheets are small with the OPTION of putting ones name and phone/e-mail address.

The completed sheets will go directly to the Director (no other staff person or patron). This is a way for you to tell us how we are doing, what are we doing we well, or how we can make your experience at the library better.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Property Tax Cap issue

There is an important issue coming up in the November elections on whether Indiana voters will add the current property tax issues to the Indiana Constitution. There was a good article in the Indianapolis Star on this that provides both sides of the issue. The issue for the Star is Monday September 20, 2010 on the front page. The title is "Tax Caps In Constitution? Voters Decide". There is a copy of the September 20th issue at the library or one might be able to locate the article online at the Star's web site (

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

November Referendum on Property Tax Caps

There is an important issue for government units, libraries, and other public supported institutions in this election year. Indiana residents will have an opportunity with a referendum to vote on whether the current property tax caps should be added into the Constitution of the State of Indiana. If the 2010 Tax Cap Constitutional Referendum passes, the property tax caps of 1% (homeowners), 2% (farmland & rental), and 3% (other property) will become part of the Constitution. The caps are presently law but not part of the Indiana Constitution. For local taxing units, including libraries, the support to provide the services citizens expect and want are primarily based on the amount of tax revenues generated including property taxes.

Regardless of how the tax rates are determined or what resources funds come from, public units such as libraries have the responsibility and obligation to use tax dollars wisely for the taxpayer and community. Recently I attended a workshop where Larry DeBoer, Professor at Purdue University, gave a presentation on the effects of the 2010 tax caps if this law became part of the Indiana Constitution. According to Professor DeBoer, who focuses on local government issues in Indiana, approval of the referendum will not provide additional property tax relief since the tax caps are in place already (DeBoer). Further the inclusion of the property tax caps as a part of the Indiana Constitution will prevent future adjustments in property tax bills above the caps (DeBoer). Across the state, local units of government are facing lower tax revenues and, in many instances, are struggling to make sure important public services are funded. Many government taxing units are looking at increased fees and other options to combat the reduced revenues in property taxes.

Although I understand the argument for the caps, I worry about the inflexibility that results in making the caps part of the Constitution. It may affect the availability of public services provided by libraries and other governmental entities. What will be the long term effects on providing important and crucial services by local governments and tax based institutions? What resources could be tapped to compensate for this lost revenue, including other taxes?

I don’t know the answers, but I know this issue will be prominently on my mind this fall and beyond. If I can try to answer questions on this subject, please let me know.

See you at the library!
Ware W. Wimberly III, Director

Work Cited:

DeBoer, Larry. Indiana’s Constitutional Referendum on Tax Caps, November 2010. Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics: August 2010. p. 9.

Computer Classes

The Library is offering computer classes in October and November. The classes will be taught by David Fisher, Instructional Assistant at the Learn More Center. The first class is Friday, October 1st, from 10:30 to 12:00 am. The following is a description of the class entitled "Getting to Know the Computer and the Internet.

The class is intended for people who know very little about computers and the Internet. If you would like to be able to send e-mail or surf the web, but don't know how, sign up for this class to get a start in the right direction. A skilled instructor will be here to teach you the basics and answer your questions.

There is a sign up sheet at the Circulation Desk. There is no charge involved. Due to number of computers to use, there is a limit of 8 people to sign up.