Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Circus is Coming to Wabash - Community Read in August

Please join us for the a Community Read in August, 2008. The Read involves people in the community in reading the same book within a certain time frame. Many communities around the country have done this. The book that has been chosen for this inaugural event is called The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day. It is a book about a circus company headquartered in a small Indiana town during the winter months and based on the author's experience growing up in Peru, IN. Copies of the book will be provided by the Library for a charge at the beginning of August.

Listed below is the schedule for the event:


Community Read featuring the book, The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day

Dates of Read: August 11th (Monday) to September 4th (Thursday) 2008.

Book: The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day; Copies of book will be available at Wabash Carnegie Public Library in August.

Schedule of Events Connected to this Community Read:
· Times to be announced in near future

July 26th (Saturday): Family Fun Day at the Wabash County Historical Museum (Circus Theme
Location: Wabash County Historical Museum

August 7th (Thursday): Presentation on the history of the Circus in Peru by Bill Anderson (Director of Circus Operations at Circus Festival)

August 11th (Monday): Official First Day to start reading Circus in Winter.

August 19th (Tuesday): Presentation of Terrell Jacobs and events associated with the escape of Modoc the elephant from the Great American Circus.

September 4th (Thursday): Final day of the Community Read and visit by author, Cathy Day, to Wabash.

If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Ware W. Wimberly at (260) 563-2972.