Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer is upon us

Summer is upon us and the Wabash Carnegie Public Library is preparing for the Children and Young Adult Summer Reading programs. There is no charge for participating in the various programs and activities involved in the Summer Reading programs.

The Children’s Summer Reading program covering ages 2 to 15 years old is highlighted by Mike Hemmelgarn who is a Comedy Juggler/Venriloquist, Melchier Marionettes, and Serengeti Steve’s Reptile Experience.

For Young Adults (Grades 7 to 12), there will be a number of exciting activities and programs. On June 17th, Candie Cooper will instruct how to make one’s tee shirt uniquely yours. There is another craft program on July 22nd and a Mother-Daughter Book Discussion on July 14th.

The Summer Reading programs start June 1 and go through July 28th. If you are interested in any of these programs, please call (260) 563-2972 or check out our web site at

I was on vacation and out of town. The vacation was relaxing and I saw family, but it is also nice to be back. Although still recovering somewhat from the jet lag, it is nice to know one is returning to a work that he loves.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Experience Meeting Author

Being in a profession that handles books a great deal, one of the exciting aspects is meeting an author on occasion. Such an experience recently happened. What made this more exciting was that the author was in Wabash doing research for new series based on Wabash in the mid to late 1920's. The author is Sharlene MacLaren. Sharlene is currently doing research on a series title called River of Hope. The setting will be the Wabash River, Wabash IN. The proposed titles of the three books in the River of Hope series are River Song, Winds of Grace, and Waters of Mercy.

Sharlene was here in Wabash a few weeks ago during research. She and her husband stayed at the new Charley Creek Inn, met with people locally, visited the library and museum, and got a feel of the history of Wabash in the 1920's into the 1930's. It is quite exciting to make such connections and for Wabash to be the focal point of her new books!

Sharlene has a number of books published including the Daughters of Jacob Kane book series. The titles in this series are Hannah Grace, Maggie Rose, and Abbie Ann . These books are part of our library collection and thus available to check out with library card. This series and the River of Hope series are in the genre of Historical/Christian Fiction. The names of people and places will not be the same as the names of people and places the book/series is based on.

This is quite exciting and look forward to when the River of Hope series comes out! The first book of the new series (River Song) is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2011.

Below is a short synopsis of book in the River of Hope series:

River Song: Widowed woman with two small children struggles to operate the family restaurant single-handedly until a drifter with nothing but a knapsack and a harmonica in his pocket comes to town and offers to lend a hand in exchange for living in the small quarters above the restaurant.

Winds of Grace: Young women on the run from the law makes a rash decision to marry a widower with four unruly children, hoping name change and his secluded farm will lend protection from her past.

Waters of Mercy: Scandal surrounds a women in her early 20s when it becomes obvious she is pregnant-and unmarried. What people do not know is that their gruff, law enforcing sheriff's son raped her-and the sheriff will stop at nothing to protect his son's name-and his. When the town's new doctor gets involved, trouble escalates in the form of thievery, arson, and death threats.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parkng area - land with former structure

The library recently had a building torn down across the street on property purchased by the library at the end of 2009. The paving of the area will not start until later in the summer at the earliest in order to allow the ground to settle and make sure parking area plans are in line with current zone regulations. We will keep the blog updated as major developments proceed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Odds and Ends at the Library

I wanted to update on some things happening at the Library:

Work continues on revising the Library's website. The Library hopes to have it completed by early summer.

The Library's exciting Summer Reading programs start June 1st. We are looking forward to the various wonderful programs and activities set up by the Library's Youth Services Department.

If one uses the stand-up computers upstairs, the Library has added a couple of new chairs specifically for those computers.

On May 5th, there will be another Crafty Book Club program here at the Library. The next Crafty Book Club program will not be until August.

On May 13th, the Spring Book Discussion will conclude with a discussion on Mildred Pierce by James Cain at 7:00 pm at the libary. Lottie Waggoner will leading the discussion and we cannot thank her enough for leading the series.

As aways, let me know how the library can be serve to you our patrons and the community as a whole.

Ware W. Wimberly III, Director