Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Couple of Updates

There a couple of items I wanted to update patrons on:

First, the plan for the parking lot is proceeding. It is anticipated that the library will be meeting with local authorities in the coming month to seek approval of the plans for the parking area.

Second, the library is very close to launching its new web site. Work has continued through the Fall and anticipate it to up and running by the end of the year.

As with a lot of things, the library is working hard to advance in various areas in order to maintain high services for our customers.

Thank you for continuing support and patronage of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library.

Ware W. Wimberly III

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Congratulations to North Manchester Public Library/Importance of libraries

I want to take a moment to congratulate North Manchester Public Library on receiving an America's Star Library designation of 3 stars. All the libraries whether public or academic in Wabash County strive to do its best to serve our patrons and community exceptionally. I also want to thank the Plain Dealer for pointing out the positive impact both economically and culturally that libraries have in a community. In a time when the ecomony is not the best and high unemployment, public libraries are a vital particularly to technology needs of everyday life.

I may be bias, but I believe Wabash County has very good libraries. It is nice to see one recognized (wouldn't mind it being the Wabash library too) and the importance of libraries to be recognized!