Thursday, November 1, 2007

Career Resources at the Library

With the closing of the GDX plant here in Wabash, Wabash is losing a major source of employment that will hurt this community. Sadly, for many people, this involves losing jobs. As residents affected by the closing look for new employment, the Library can provide resources to help one in his or her search for new employment.

The Library has many resources in print on careers, resumes, strategies to land a new job, interview strategies, etc. Through its computers, the Library also provides access to websites that have job postings and where one could, possibly, send a resume or cover letter electronically. Our Internet access also provides an opportunity to learn about new careers and how to determine a possible new career.

If you have any questions about resources the Wabash Carnegie Public Library has on careers or job searching, we can be reached at (260) 563-2972. Even better, visit us at 188 W Hill Street.

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