Monday, December 3, 2007

People you should Know

The next time you visit the Library, you might ask yourself such questions as who designs the book displays or who keeps the web page current? The wonderful services provided at the Library through its programs and resources whether books, CDs, etc. don’t just appear on their own. It takes a special group of people to run the Library operations, prepare the material one can check out, prepare programs for the youth/children, maintaining the computers in to provide Internet access, etc. These are just a few important things this special group of people does.

In this article and with the Christmas season starting, I wanted to brag about the Wabash Carnegie Public Library Board of Trustees and the staff here. The Board of Trustees recently received recognition for their dedication and hard work. The Indiana Library Federation recognized each of the Board Members for their continuing efforts to enhance library board effectiveness and as an outstanding Library Board of Trustees in Indiana. I want to thank each of the Trustees for their continued service to the Community of Wabash.

The staff at Wabash Carnegie Public Library "wear many hats" depending in terms of their responsibilities during the day. One of the most rewarding aspects as a Director is working with a group of people who do outstanding work, particularly as a team. The staff at Wabash Carnegie Public Library is no exception. It is the staff’s team and welcoming attitude that makes this such a special place.

One of the greatest joys as Director is hearing whether verbally or in writing how helpful a staff member has been to a customer. On a frequent basis, I hear from you on how helpful and friendly the staff is here at Wabash Carnegie Public Library and it is a pleasure to convey these compliments to staff. In fact this morning, I received a letter from a gentleman at Ball State University to the library that concluded with complementing a staff person on the staff person's help with research.

On behalf of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library and its staff, we wish a joyous and safe holiday season! Visit Us Soon!

Ware Wimberly


Colleen Coble said...

We have a GREAT library! They always greet me with a smile and I can ask them for anything and they'll do their best to help. I'm glad you bragged on them!

Neetee said...

Keep up the good work.