Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cassie - Computer reservation software

In the next couple of months, the library will be adding computer reservation software to the public computers. The computer reservation software is called Cassie. It will not change the access of the computers but just the management of the computers from the administration side. Most public libraries in the State of Indiana have a computer reservation program for the public computers. Cassie as with other similar programs allows patrons to sign in and reserve computers on their own. Once a patron is set up with a user id and password, the patron can sign in utilizing that information. This will replace the process of stopping at the Information desk to provide name, city/town of residence before being assigned a computer. Once this system is in place and running well, it will also allow staff to focus more on helping with reference questions both in person and over the phone. Although there might be some initial bumps from the adjustment, it should provide for a smoother computer use experience for both patron and staff.

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