Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank You and Welcome

The governing body of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library (and majority of public libraries in the State of Indiana) is the Board of Trustees. The Wabash Carnegie Public Library Board of Trustees consists of seven appointed Trustees. These Trustees are appointed by local government units such as City Councils, Schools, Commissioners, etc. What government bodies make these appointments largely depends on the type of library district and the geographic area the library district covers.

As a library district whose boundaries are the City of Wabash city limits (not county or township), our Trustees are appointed by the following entities: School Board of Wabash City Schools, Wabash County Commissioners, School Board of Metropolitan Schools of Wabash County, Wabash County Council, Wabash City Council, and Wabash City Mayor. All Trustees live within the library district.

Unless filling an current term, a Trustee term lasts for four years. At the end of each term the appointing body must either appoint that individual again or appoint a new person. The Trustee can be appointed for 4 consecutive terms (or 16 years). If a Trustee has served 4 consecutive years (16 years), the person can not by Indiana State Law be reappointed and must wait four years to be eligible to be appointed.

The reason I bring this background up on terms of public library trustees is because the Wabash Carnegie Public Library will be experiencing some changes in the Board of Trustees beginning in July. Due to terms ending, two of our Trustees will be leaving the Board and two new have been appointed. Pete Jones and Susan L. Baker will be leaving the Board due to terms ending at the end of June.

I wanted to thank Pete and Susan for their guidance and leadership as a Trustee and President of the Library Board. It has been an honor and privilege personally to serve as Director with your leadership on the Board! You will be missed on the Board.

As first time Director, I greatly appreciate your advice and counsel in my life over these past three years. It has been such as blessing in my life and career.

With these terms ending, it means two new people will be taking their place on the library Board. The new Trustees are Jeff Knee (Wabash City Schools) and Charlie Miller (Wabash County Council). On behalf of the library, I welcome Jeff and Charlie to the Library Board.

Ware W. Wimberly III

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