Monday, March 24, 2008

The Known World and Hank the Cowdog

If you are wondering about this blog's title, it refers to one of the titles in the Wabash Carnegie Public Library’s Spring Book Series and the title of a well-known children’s series. The Wabash Carnegie Public Library has started it Spring Book Discussion Series entitled Voiceless under the guide of Lottie Waggoner. On April 10th, we will be having our second discussion for the book entitled Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston. Sign-up has already started for the discussion on Woman Warrior on April 10th which is a Thursday. All book discussions will take place in the Library’s program room. We currently have copies at the Wabash Carnegie Public Library of Woman Warrior to buy at the Circulation Desk for $7.00. The third book discussion date has been changed to May 22nd which is also a Thursday. The third book discussion is on the book entitled The Known World by Edward P. Jones. We hope to see you at the book discussion evenings in April and May.

In April, the Wabash Carnegie Public Library is partnering with the Honeywell Center for a program featuring the Children’s author, John R. Erickson. John R. Erickson is a well known children’s author who is the author of the Hank the Cowdog book series. Hank the Cowdog books are about a dog that is head of security at a ranch out west. Mr. Erickson’s writings have resulted close to 40 books in the series and Hank the Cowdog website ( Mr. Erickson has written additional fiction and non-fiction literature and is a native of Texas. He will be at the Honeywell Center on April 15th to do a program. We are excited to have him come to Wabash.


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