Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post Clock in honor of Elizabeth Pearson

If you have driven by the Library since Tuesday, April 28th, you might have noticed something new at the Library. A Post Clock in honor of Elizabeth Pearson has been added to the building. The funds for the Post Clock and from the Elizabeth Pearson Gift Fund are NON-TAX money.

Elizabeth Pearson was a native of Wabash and graduated from Wabash High School. After High School, she moved to New York and established a a career there that involved travel to many places, including Africa. Later in her live, she returned to live in Wabash. She was a frequent user of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library. The Library's services was something she treasured. After living in Wabash for many decades, she retired to Kansas City before passing away in 1991.

A Elizabeth Pearson Gift Fund was established for the Library by The Elizabeth Pearson Trust through her Estate in the 1990s. With interest from this fund the Library has been able to do special projects and programs such as celebrating its 100th anniversary, bringing an author to Wabash for the 2008 Community Read, and beautification projects for the Library property.

We thank Ms. Pearson for her gift and lasting assistance in providing services to the community of Wabash!


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