Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On May 1st, the Wabash Carnegie Public Library hosted a Library Conference. We hosted about 100 people from other counties in Indiana. It was a great success and the participants were quite impressed with the Library and the our community of Wabash. Many of the participants also enjoyed visiting the Dr. James Ford Historical Home and the Wabash County Historical Museum. There are countless people and organizations I want to thank.

First, I want to thank the Library staff and the Library's Board of Trustees for their help and assistance leading up to and at the conference. I also want to thank the Committee that helped me and provided invaluable advice in the planning of the Conference.

I want to thank some special people who gave up a Friday to help the Library out. They are Ginny Gaston, Chris Lehman, Rebecca Barker, Darlene Hunt, and Gladys Harvey. Without these special people, the conference would not of gone so well.

There are number of businesses and organizations I want to thank. These organizations and business provided need services and door prizes for our conference and to the participants. Modocs provided refreshments (particularly coffee) throughout the day. All Occasions (Market Street Grill) provided a wonderful lunch and Honeywell Center Catering provided breakfast items. The Wabash County Chamber of Commerce, Wabash County Tourist and Convention Center, and Charley Creek Foundation provided countless information packets about what all Wabash County has to offer. Ron Moore (The Woodshed), Wabash County Chamber of Commerce, and Beauchamp & McSpadden Insurance provided giveaways to each conference attendee and door prize. As the Director, it was wonderful and rewarding to see all of this come together and I can not thank these organizations and businesses enough.

Finally, I want to thank our patrons and the community of Wabash. We would not be able to host a conference such as the one on Friday and showcase our town without your help and support!

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